Forensic Inspection & Investigation


We perform on-site inspection of tile and stone installations.

We will determine if the installation was installed correctly per industry standards and a standard of care for professional installers. Inspections can be tailored for any project and budget and range from visual and non-intrusive techniques to intrusive removal of tiles or stones to determine and document the underlying conditions.

Aside from on-site inspection of tile and stone installations, Tile and Stone Consultants also perform Onsite Shear, Tensile, Moisture and Other Testing, Onsite Quality Control, Tile and Stone Material Testing Oversight, Expert Witness, Cost of Repair/Replacement Analysis and Estimates, Quality Assurance, Specification Review and Writing, Tile and Stone Project Management, and Family Business Succession Planning

Forensic Inspection & Investigation

Forensic Inspection & Investigation 2

Forensic Inspection & Investigation 3