Field Shear Test Apparatus Fabrication


We are offering the fabrication of KC-T100 Field Shear Testing Apparatuses for the price of $6,120.00 USD. The KC-T100 apparatus quoted will be fabricated per the following:

See our equipment in action here:

  • The apparatus will be an exact replica -excluding upgraded digital gauge- of the unit pictured in Fig 1 of ASTM C1823/C1823M-20 Standard Test Method for Shear Bond Strength of Adhered Dimension Stone. The unit will be fabricated by the same company and fabricator that built the unit pictured.
  • Pricing includes a 10-ton ram, hydraulic hand pump, 6-ft hose, and 20,000 PSI digital gauge manufactured by Enerpac. Klaser Consulting, Inc. does not sell or recommend units with lower quality or ratings of parts.
  • Unit fabricated with ¾-inch depth push and restraining lips.
  • Includes 6-aluminum shim plates .0625-inch thick.
  • Includes powder coating of application plate/chassis and a storage box.
  • Terms: 50% down payment, balance due prior to shipping.
  • Excludes sales tax. Purchasers located in CA and other circumstances subject to sales tax will be subjected to added tax per jurisdiction.
  • Excludes shipping. Equipment will be fabricated and shipped from CA.
  • Excludes third-party calibration.
  • Expect fabrication and delivery of unit in approximately 4-weeks.
  • Contact us for custom modifications of unit for quotation.
  • Pricing subject to change overtime